The profit:

3 % profit per month. Constantly. Again and again. Plannable.

Manually traded with real money between January 2nd, 2017 and January 25th, 2017 to generate a „Proof of concept“. Profit of 10.830, 72 EUR or 3,2 % within 18 trading days. This corresponds to a yearly profit of more than 36% based on a trading capital of 250.000 EUR.

The proof on the next page in form of the chronological trades.

The proof:

3 % profit per month. The single trades - black on white.

Real profit. Manually traded. In no time: Automated, constantly and sustainable.


In a nutshell.


SecCrest GmbH (SecCrest) was established in Munich, Germany in June 2016. Following registration with BaFin1, SecCrest will operate as a fund manager under German and European law. The operational start of the first fund with a fund volume of up to EUR 500 million is planned for 2020. The fund will generate profits exclusively with fully automated currency trading.


SecCrest is a pioneer with a unique selling point in the fastest growing niche market segment of the German financial investment market worth almost EUR 6,000,000,000,000: currency trading. Clear positioning with focus on the core competence – fully automated currency trading

If you want to catch fish, fish where they are.

(Fishing quotes)

If you want to make money, invest where the money is.


6,500,000,000,000 Euro per day.

For us: A sea of opportunities.

Every day, a gigantic volume is traded on the interbank foreign exchange market – the value far exceeds global stock trading. This makes the currency market the largest and most stable market in the world for professional players.

  • Completely independent of economic cycles.
  • Always liquid.
  • With enormous profit potential.

However, access to this market has so far been reserved exclusively for large investors with high investment amounts and the necessary know-how in proprietary trading.

To date.

SecCrest changes everything.

Germany‘s first fund manager for fully automated currency trading.

SecCrest GmbH was founded in Munich in 2016 with a single goal: to make the substantial profit opportunities of the foreign exchange market accessible to a broader group of investors through fully automated currency trading.

Today, after more than 30,000 hours of analysis, strategy and software development, SecCrest owns the substantial basic modules of a unique AI-trading system and is about to launch the first German currency trading fund.

2016:Incorporation of SecCrest GmbH
2016–2017:Strategy development
from 2017:Development of the AI-engine for automated currency trading
2021:BaFin* registration as a fund manager under German law planned
2021: Launch of the first SecCrest fund planned
from 2023:Launch of the second SecCrest fund planned

* German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority

Trades every second.

Intelligent AI-technology. Thousands of trades. Around the clock.

The centrepiece of the fully automated digital currency trading is the specifically developed SecCrest software.

Based on highly complex mathematical- statistical models, the AI-system permanently carries out real-time analyses of price developments and makes trading decisions, which are implemented in fractions of a second as buy or sell trades.

24 hours a day. 5 days a week. Down to the seconds.

Data reception, analytical calculations, trading execution and control algorithms are distributed across various high-performance servers located in the immediate vicinity of the respective electronic forex trading platform.

Small waves. Great effect.

Maximum potential with minimized risk.

Sound, data based trading strategies and their error-free execution down to the seconds range ensure that even the smallest price fluctuations on the currency market accumulate into impressive profits.

SecCrest can – conservatively calculated – generate unleveraged 3% and more per month, i.e. yields of 36% p.a.

Constant. Repeatable. Predictable.

On the other hand, the risk is reduced to a minimum thanks to minimal reaction times, minimal latency* and the high frequency of trading actions. Self-controlling algorithms and automated, dynamic loss mitigating stops ensure unprecedented low drawdowns** of only 1–1.5%, which are normally made up within 48 trading hours. The risk of individual trades is extremely low and amounts only to 0.1-0.3% of the position size without leverage.

* Latency: Time between the generation of a trading signal and the effective order execution.
** Drawdown: Maximum cumulative loss during the observation period.

Welcome aboard.

Don’t wait for the funds.
Invest in the fund manager.

Only very few people get the chance to benefit from a fund model that is as innovative as it is lucrative, even before the fund is on the market. You‘re one of them.

SecCrest offers an early participation to a limited, selected group of up to 20 strategically suitable investors. A mutually beneficial partnership as the associated profit shares can quickly reach a multiple of the investment amount.

  • Minimum investment: 25,000 Euro
  • Annual dividend: up to 6% on the investment amount*
  • Profit participation: The sooner you invest the higher your profit share. Under current conditions, an investment of 250,000 Euro can generate- conservatively calculated – 2.5 million Euro and more within 7 years.**
  • Tell us the amount you wish to invest and we will present you a personalized offer.
* Depending on the terms of the serial and date of investment. ** The assumptions in the example are based on current planning figures of SecCrest. (March 2020) Disclaimer: Profit participation rights are a form of corporate investment and contain risks and opportunities.

Ready to moor?

Everything else is best discussed in person.

Dipl.-Kffr., CCP, Malgorzata B. Borowa
CEO | Founder & Owner
SecCrest GmbH

T: +49 89 95 45 92 900

SecCrest GmbH
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80539 München

The future of digital currency trading in real time.